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Typical SchoolWeb Configuration

A small number of SchoolWeb systems can be deployed to serve a whole school district, making the solution extremely cost effective. Typically one system serves a high school and 4 to 6 elementary schools. Overheads are further minimized by setting up one of the systems as a master server for maintenance and updates to the whole network - a 'touch one, affect many' scenario.

Complete System

Each SchoolWeb system provides a complete solution to a school's Internet and networking needs. The system has a powerful suite of features including: a Web content management system, Web conferencing and a suite of IT services such as e-mail, caching, web servers and anti-virus software.


The whole SchoolWeb network can be managed and monitored via the SchoolWeb management Web interface. School administrators can easily access reports on the schools web traffic and performance statistics.


All SchoolWeb systems are back by a 24/7 helpdesk.