Alternet offers electronic transaction platforms and services for a wide variety of industries. Alternet provides electronic payment systems which use cashless transaction devices such as “smart” cards for utilities and transportation payment systems. Mobile phones can also be used as a cashless transaction device for mobile-phone account top-up and monetary remitances. Alternet’s Electronic Transaction Products include:

Public Utilities Prepayment - including water, power and gas

Mobile point-of-sale System - the network solution that supports Alternet’s transaction services

Mobile Transactions - domestic and international money remittance, prepaid mobile phone airtime payment

Fare Collection Systems - management and collection of urban mass transportation networks, both city and nationwide


Alternet enables payments and mobile transactions to be executed, anytime, anywhere and for any amount, with simple and intuitive user experiences, using mobile phones.

The Company offers innovative software solutions for Mobile Operators and Financial Institutions. Sitting at the cross road between the Subscriber, Merchants and Banks, Alternet facilitates low value transactions across mobile networks.

Alternet focuses on economies with lower GDP and high penetration of pre-paid subscribers. These economies are leading the charge in Mobile Commerce, which are often more progressive than the financially developed western countries. Alternet is helping to drive the new payments revolution.

Alternet can process millions of transaction per day, providing cost savings and new revenue streams for Mobile Operators around the world. We have a deep understanding of the micro payments market and business requirements and our product portfolio is mature, flexible and scalable.

Alternet has established key partnerships with different technology vendors to execute its business plan.