The SchoolWeb content delivery system is a proven network and digital library solution that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of education administrators, teachers, librarians, - and students.

SchoolWeb provides the most efficient solution for managing and delivering Internet-based, educational content and curriculum - for an entire country.
SchoolWeb provides a framework which allows teachers to deliver high-quality teaching by providing secure and fast access to Internet-based information.

SchoolWeb’s Digital Library is particularly good for storage, sharing, and re-use of learning objects. Learning objects can include textbooks, presentations, web pages, images and multimedia. Students get fast access to a wide variety of curriculum-related reference material stored in the Digital Library.

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Designed for schools

SchoolWeb is an Internet access system designed specifically for K-12 schools. Offering a wide array of features SchoolWeb provides added value for students, teachers and IT departments; and significant savings for School Districts.

Superior performance

SchoolWeb is an innovative system that gives the School District the tools to deliver state standards based educational Web content to students wherever they are located. which is directly selected by the teachers in the district.

Network Support

Alternet will train your district administrators to support your system locally.

The health of each SchoolWeb system can be monitored remotely and is also backed by a 24hr a day, 7 day a week help desk to ensure peace of mind.