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Real-time Access to Quality Educational Web Content

SchoolWeb's Content Management System lets school districts pre-cache teachers' own Web selections and index them directly to curriculum. These resources are subsequently accessible by all students and teachers in the district, so benefit.

No Child Left Behind

SchoolWeb's video conferencing services provides an economical and easy way to bring any class to any student wherever they are located. What's more, Web conferencing can also be used to facilitate on-line inter-school and professional development meetings, eliminating travel expenses and reducing the cost of bringing in keynote speakers.

High Return on Investment

SchoolWeb comes complete with a suite of low cost IT services. In fact, there are no licensing costs for
e-mail, web servers, caching, distributed web development, file services, URL filtering and firewall.

A single SchoolWeb system can be configured to serve multiple schools, and administration time is minimized through time saving devices such as SchoolWeb's innovative remote monitoring, and the facility to administer all systems via one.