The HealthWeb content delivery system provides an effective network solution for managing and delivering Internet-based content to hospitals, healthcare centers and doctor’s offices - all accessible on a real-time basis.

Doctors and healthcare personnel can instantly access all pharmaceutical and diagnostic information from the HealthWeb Digital Library - with no waiting when downloading large medical websites. The HealthWeb system also comes with web conferencing for remote patient diagnosis and follow-up, which is critical for rural healthcare centers that often do not have a doctor, or specialist, on site.

HealthWeb achieves its high speed by storing a vast selection of medical websites in the HealthWeb computer server. This feature dramatically increases the speed of accessing Internet-based medical information and is critically important for rural health centers with limited bandwidth. Virtually all of the internet-based medical information required by a doctor or nurse is stored in the HealthWeb computer and is automatically updated.

HealthWeb provides an integrated healthcare solution that delivers both high speed and ease of access to healthcare information. The system incorporates an internet access port, a HealthWeb caching server and a HealthWeb content management system. The Content Management Directory organizes health and medical information in an easy-to-use directory format for quick access by doctors and nurses. Patient files and pictures can be stored in the server and sent over the Internet, for review by other medical professionals.

HealthWeb also has available web conferencing for long-distance patient diagnosis and follow-up, which can be critical for rural healthcare centers that do not have a doctor on site.