ePop Web Conferencing software provides state-of-the art PowerPoint, document, application and desktop sharing, remote control, and multiparty audio and video conferencing.

From quick meetings to full-featured conferences with multiple presenters, InMotion makes it fast and easy!



The Best Video Quality in a Multiparty Software Product ePop offers true multiparty video conferencing as a standard feature, not an add-on. Viewers see smooth, clear, crisp video that works. The implementation is entirely in software, and requires only standard USB web cams. The experience rivals hardware-based video conferencing equipment costing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. To help you effectively manage bandwidth, you can click on any video display and change the size, quality and frame rate -- all in real-time.


The Best Multiparty Audio Quality Like its video counterpart above, ePop includes multiparty audio (VoIP) conferencing capabilities. The host can enable/disable audio conferencing, and easily switch from low-bandwidth, cell phone-like sound to studio quality audio all at the click of a mouse. If your application involves multi-office meetings, training or internal presentations, the audio conferencing capabilities can significantly reduce your teleconferencing expenses.


Real-Time PowerPoint Sharing, No Pre-Meeting Uploads Required!

You don‚t need to pre-process or stage your PowerPoint presentations before your meetings. ePop lets you share any PowerPoint anytime. Your presentation is processed on-the-fly. ePop displays the native rich-text file, not a grainy screen-grab. Text appears nice and clean, even when zooming in and out, and slide transitions appear as they should. Most importantly, since the file is cached at each participant, only page change commands go over the net, so your slide changes are instant (milliseconds!).



The Fastest Desktop Sharing & Proxy Friendly Remote Control
ePop includes desktop sharing and remote control at no extra charge. Several factors combine to make ePop the fastest proxy-friendly desktop sharing on the market: 1) the desktop change detect/compression engine has been highly optimized over the years; 2) the client and server software is symmetric multiprocessing enabled; and 3) the server is often located on the customer‚s premises, putting most of the „routeš on a high-speed LAN. Since all traffic is routed via your conferencing server, ePop can provide firewall-friendly remote assistance and support for far-away offices, customers and business partners.

Real-Time Presenter Controls You can easily allow/disable participant look-ahead (PowerPoint and documents), promote a participant to presenter, demote presenters, and expel users, all at the click of a mouse. The user interface behaves as you would expect any office application. Just right-click on any user to get a short list of properties and settings you can easily change.


Install Server Software in 5 Minutes!
Alternet is pleased to announce a major breakthrough in web and video conferencing: a completely self-contained installation. ePop Web Conferencing software does not have any dependencies nor does it require previously installed web servers, databases, or any other complex server prerequisite. Installation takes 5 minutes or less!


True Web-Based Administration & Management
ePop Web Conferencing Server features a web-based administrative console, making it dramatically easier for administrators to access, control and manage their conference server. The console is easy to use, with clear headings for conference controls, system and user accounts (access rights). The latter features role-based security, you can use names and passwords by user, department or company.

No Client Deployment & FREE Training
ePop Web Conferencnig is IT friendly. Presenters and participants use only their web browser. Alternet provides FREE training! Our introductory workshop covers quick conferences, presentations, panel discussions, training and support applications. We also cover advanced topics such as moderating multiple presenters, effectively managing multi-party video, plus tips and tricks. To arrange a FREE instructor-led session, contact sales.