ePop Web Conferencing

Audio and Video
Compatible Hardware

ePop has been tested with and recommends the following audio and video hardware.

Headset/Microphone Combination:
 Altec Lansing AHS201 Headset with Microphone
                           *Recommended for desktop and laptop conferencing environments

Web Cam:

Logitech QuickCam® Pro 4000 • Part Number 961239-0403
                     *Recommended for standard desktop users

     Logitech QuickCam® for Notebooks Pro • Part Number 961240-0403
                     *Recommended for users with notebooks or laptops.

   Logitech QuickCam® Orbit™ • Part Number 961310-0403
                     *Recommended for a single presenter that moves around a lot.

      Creative Labs Webcam NX Ultra
                     *Wide angle lens - recommended for conference rooms with multiple people


Contact the ePop Team

Please contact ePop Support if you have specific hardware compatibility questions you would like to discuss.



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