Alternet Systems Inc. designs, builds and manages wireless broadband telecommunications networks.

Alternet’s advantage is its ability to deliver a cost-effective, managed wireless broadband network, with best-in-class Internet-based VoIP telecom and SchoolWeb™ and HealthWeb™ application software, for the education and health sectors. Alternet’s turnkey wireless broadband network provides a complete modern telecommunications system to rural residents, businesses, schools and health centers.

Wireless Broadband Telecom
Alternet Systems’ wireless broadband networks bring cost-effective, Internet-based telecommunications to cities, towns and villages worldwide.

Alternet Systems’ multi-tier wireless broadband system integrates a number of telecom products into its wireless broadband systems including; fixed and mobile telephone service, cost-effective long-distance calling and pre-paid calling cards.

By employing a cost-effective, wireless broadband network with Internet-based telephony, Alternet can provide comprehensive telecommunications services at a price never before available to many locations in the world.

The heart of Alternet’s broadband wireless system for education is the SchoolWeb software / server system that has both a digital library and search engine. The SchoolWeb Digital Library stores vast amounts of Internet-delivered educational content such as encyclopedias, books, videos, animation, in the local server. This feature can reduce web traffic significantly, which is critical for rural and remote locations, where bandwidth is limited.

The Company’s HealthWeb system is specifically designed to bring high-speed internet to rural and remote hospitals, doctor’s offices and health centers. HealthWeb enables remote diagnostics, telemedicine and continuing education / certification for healthcare professionals.

HealthWeb’s digital library can store vast amounts of medical and pharmaceutical information as well as patient information. HealthWeb also acts as an “ISP in a Box” providing email accounts and all network functions for the hospital / health center. HealthWeb also comes with available low-cost video conferencing.