Alternet's Wireless Broadband Telecom Networks bring cost-effective, Internet-based telecommunications to cities, towns and villages worldwide.

Alternet Systems’ multi-tier wireless broadband system integrates a number of telecom products into its wireless broadband system including; fixed and mobile local telephone service, low-cost long-distance and pre-paid calling cards.

SchoolWeb is an innovative technology solution that provides schools the ability to maximize the power of the Internet, the most valuable learning resource ever created.

SchoolWeb comes with a suite of application and network software that has been specifically designed to benefit colleges and K-12 schools, in both urban and rural locations.

SchoolWeb™ Virtual Learning Environment 2.4

SchoolWeb VLE 2.4 is a strategic education technology that creates a user friendly, Internet-based learning environment for teachers and students. Combining online courseware with a virtual Internet library, SchoolWeb provides all the tools required to create a high-quality virtual learning environment for students and teachers in the digital age.

The SchoolWeb Learning Management System (LMS) allows educators to create or view lesson plans for distribution to students for assignment purposes. This is combined with SchoolWeb’s Learning Object Repository (LOR), which stores all relevant information in a searchable electronic library.

The SchoolWeb LMS and LOR allow educators to build and store a reusable asset base of online courses and reference material, for access by students and teachers, at home or at school. SchoolWeb increases both teacher productivity and student access to educational information

SchoolWeb Library

The SchoolWeb virtual Library is a Learning Object Repository (LOR) that works seamlessly with the SchoolWeb Learning Management System (LMS) to provide a complete Virtual Learning Environment. The SchoolWeb Library is an easy to use and easy to manage LOR that can store thousands of learning objects including moving animation, video clips, Word files, etc.

SchoolWeb™ Network Server Systems (NSS)

SchoolWeb NSS is an innovative technology system that dramatically improves Internet performance. With SchoolWeb NSS, schools can finally maximize the power of the Internet as a valuable learning resource.

Not only does SchoolWeb NSS deliver fast Internet access—even for rural schools on a low speed telecom line—it comes with a suite of network and Internet services specially designed to benefit K-12 schools and colleges.

HealthWeb is a high-speed internet solution for medical professionals. HealthWeb dramatically improves the speed and accessibility of medical and health information for the urban or rural doctor and patient. Doctors and nurses can instantly access internet-based medical and pharmaceutical information – with no waiting for downloading large medical websites from the Internet.