Alternet Systems Inc. is a North American-based provider of high-speed internet access systems and Voice-over-IP, for rural communities and educational institutions around the globe. Alternet’s network server software operates at the center of a broadband internet system, be it wired or wireless distribution, positioning the Company to capitalize on the rapid growth of wireless internet technologies such as WiMax and WiFi.

Industry experts predict that the next billion users of the Internet will be connected through broadband wireless.

Many of the people who currently do not have access to the internet live in rural areas of developed and under-developed countries. Recent advances in wireless technology, including the new WIMAX wireless broadband standard, are changing the way the rural world will receive its information and telecommunications. Wireless broadband technology offers the best combination of modern, high-speed communication and Internet access for developing countries and under-served communities.

Alternet System’s high-speed internet system was specifically developed for rural communities and schools and dramatically reduces costs while increasing speed and accessibility.