ePop Web Conferencing bring high-quality, live Internet video communications to any Windows desktop. ePop ensures the best possible video quality over any Internet connection and desktop and across any firewall.

Use ePOP to:

  • Integrate live video and audio into a web site, application, or service
  • Enable one-to-one or group video sessions using any desktop and webcam
  • Broadcast live video to the desktops of a large audience
  • Hold online video meetings where users interact and whiteboard in a shared environment
  • Record, send, and playback video messages

ePop Products

  1. ePop Conferencing
    Connect multiple users for live video, audio, and text communications from any Internet desktop.
  2. ePop Video Mail Server
    A customizable, Internet video message recording, storage, delivery, and playback solution.
  3. ePop Broadcast
    Broadcast live video and audio across the Internet to multiple recipients.