ePop Broadcast

Broadcast live desktop video and audio across the Internet to multiple recipients.

Online meetings that incorporate live video are unmatched for clarity, convenience, and cost-efficiency. ePop Video Broadcast Server (VBS) lets an organization broadcast live video, audio, and presentation data to the desktops of a large number of employees, customers, partners, or consumers. Broadcast content is viewed using only a web browser and standard Internet connection. The server synchronizes the delivery of the live audio and video to each recipient. ePop VBS can be deployed on its own or in conjunction with ePop Video Suite components to deliver a complete and customizable video communications solution.


  • Scalable Video Broadcasting
    ePop Broadcast is designed as an "n-to-many" broadcasting solution that allows live audio and video from one or more presenters to be sent to a large number of distributed recipients.
  • Whiteboarding and Presentation Sharing
    Using the ePop client, presenters can draw, cut, copy, and paste items onto any bitmap file or Microsoft PowerPoint file and have changes seen by all audience members simultaneously.
  • Multiple Participant Roles
    Each broadcast participant is designated as a host, presenter, speaker or attendee depending whether their meeting role is participatory or passive.
  • Customizable Video Client
    Broadcast recipients do not need to install a separate video client since the client video controls are downloaded as part of a web page.
  • Secure Text Messaging
    ePop Conferencing includes text messaging features to allow presenters to broadcast text messages to broadcast recipients, as well as for recipients to send private messages to each other.
  • Private and Secure Communications
    Depending on the sensitivity of the content, broadcast sessions can be configured as password-protected.
  • Standalone Video Broadcasting Solution
    ePop can be deployed on its own for organizations that want to add video broadcasting capabilities to a web site or online community.
  • Administration Tools
    Administrators can perform account management features like password resets, and enable or disable specific features for individuals or groups of users.
  • System Reporting Tools
    Administrators can track important data regarding video broadcasting by their users. This includes tracking the number and length of video broadcasts, bandwidth consumption, and individual user activity.