ePop Conferencing

Connect multiple users for live video, audio, and text communications from any Internet desktop.

Live, person-to-person Internet video and audio communications bring a new level of interactivity and convenience not possible with text-only communications. ePop Conferencing allows an organization to connect employees, customers, and partners through live Internet video, audio, and text messaging using a standard Internet connection. Users can communicate with each other ad hoc, either one-on-one or in a group. The ePop client software works with standard desktop web cameras and servers to deliver a complete and customizable Internet video communications solution.


  • Real-time Group Conferencing
    ePop Conference enables two or more users to simultaneously see, talk, and interact with each other from their desktop.
  • Secure and Private Communications
    ePop requires each user to authenticate themselves to the server with a username and password before accessing private meetings or connecting to other users.
  • Standalone Video Client
    Organizations can choose to use ePop Client, an included video client that connects users to ePop Conference.
  • Customizable Video Clients
    A video client can be embedded into a web page and customized by functionality and appearance. ePop can create a customized client for your organization.
  • Peer-to-Peer File Transfer
    Users can transfer files or video messages directly to one another in a "peer-to-peer" fashion using InMotion Conference.
  • Whiteboarding
    ePop Conference interface allows whiteboarding between two or more users.
  • User Session Management
    The ePop database stores user profiles, preferences, IDs and passwords, and individual contact lists.
  • Administration Features
    Administrators can perform account management features like password resets, adding or deleting meeting rooms, and enabling or disabling specific features for individuals or groups of users.
  • System Reporting Tools
    ePop includes web-based reporting tools to track important data regarding video usage by users.