The Internet has changed the world we live in. Now, thanks to CommunityWeb, it can change the world YOU live in.

CommunityWeb’s proprietary satellite-based system provides high speed internet access to underserved communities in remote areas.

Infrastructure. The CommunityWeb system is a complete solution that seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated hardware.

The hub of the system is the caching server, which is linked to a Infosat satellite and/or a Telco line, if one exists. Infosat's satellite coverage extends over all of Canada and the lower 48 States.

The server at each community is a powerful network server with large storage capability, redundant file systems, uninterruptable power supply, and many other features.

The proprietary Broadcast Information Caching technology (BIC) system on the server provides lightning fast access to revisited sites.

The server comes loaded with a powerful suite of features that include a community email server, a high-speed web server and SchoolWeb Librarian, a virtual Internet library. 

SchoolWeb Librarian is a search engine and cataloging software, a fully automated index and retrieval system that is easy to use by students, teachers and librarians. 

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