Each CommunityWeb system is backed up by a comprehensive set of client services, from turnkey installation and system configuration to training, help desk and system monitoring.

CommunityWeb is designed to be a complete turnkey solution. The system is installed, configured and tested by CommunityWeb personnel to ensure smooth, hassle-free operation from the very beginning.
After the system is successfully installed and configured, CommunityWeb will train key community personnel how to operate the system, focusing on how to utilize the vast array of powerful options the CommunityWeb system network server provides.

Help Desk
CommunityWeb also provides a Toll Free Help Desk.
The service is staffed by knowledgeable customer service personnel ready to answer any questions you have concerning the system.

System monitoring
Each system is remotely managed 24 hours a day. The sophisticated monitoring system can detect a malfunction often before the community is even aware of any problem.

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