Alternet Systems Inc. markets low-cost, full-featured systems that provide high-speed internet access for schools and rural/remote communities.

Commercially launched in July 2002, Alternet's SchoolWeb, CommunityWeb and 1nterLink systems are quickly gaining recognition in the marketplace.

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Product Overview. All too often, schools find themselves unable to take full advantage of the Internet as a teaching tool due to frustratingly slow web response times, even for schools with broadband connections.

SchoolWeb™ is an innovative, proprietary caching technology solution that dramatically improves Internet performance. With SchoolWeb™, schools can finally maximize the power of the Internet as a valuable learning resource.

Not only does SchoolWeb™ deliver fast Internet access—even for rural schools on a low speed telecom line—it comes with a suite of network and Internet services specially designed to benefit K-12 schools.

CommunityWeb and 1nterLink are products that allow rural communities to become the local Internet Service Provider (ISP) for their residents. The first 1nterLink internet access ISP system for remote communities was recently successfully installed in Bella Bella, BC. (Click here for case study)

Technological Edge.

The technological advantage that Alternet has over its competitors is the inclusion of the proprietary SchoolWeb technology installed on each server. Developed and tested over a period of several years, SchoolWeb delivers fast internet access speeds by storing and updating previously visited sites.

By caching (storing) previously visited sites, the SchoolWeb technology dramatically improves internet access speeds, so schools don't need to purchase additional high speed bandwidth.

SchoolWeb's array of remote monitoring and management software enables automatic system diagnosis and self-repair, with the ability to activate redundant features that ensure the system will continue to operate until an on-site technician is available (to replace a disk drive, for example).

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