The Company

Alternet Systems, Inc has developed a unique niche in the high growth technology sector within three distinct multi-million dollar markets:

Mobile Commerce and Transaction Solutions
Educational and Healthcare Content Delivery Software Services
Retail VoIP Telecommunication Services

These products and services offer a portfolio of next generation technology solutions for government, business, schools, healthcare, distribution and retail customers.
The Mobile Transaction Solutions market is projected to have immediate growth, specifically in urban mass transportation prepaid fare collection and the technology to deploy prepaid utilities (water, power and gas). Today all mass service companies look for ways to streamline expenses associated with revenue collection. Our solutions include Mobile Based Transactions, such as money remittance, micro payments, micro finance and online banking, creating new user based finance networks.

Alternet’s Content Delivery Software Services acomplishes the primary objective of most governments in our target markets. Our education and healthcare offerings help bridge the digital divide between the “have and have not” that the Internet revolution has created, by allowing easy and managed access to information, anywhere and anytime.

Alternet’s VoIP telecommunication subsidiary, TekVoice, is well established in the Latin American market.

The Latin American market is the second largest fastest growing region in the world today. This population segment is becoming one of the most affluent consumer and influential community group across the globe. Today there are almost 600 Million people in Latin America, representing 10% of the world population. Also it makes it the third largest market economy in the world after Europe/USA and Asia. In addition, more than 45 Million Hispanics, are located in cities within the US and Canada, The Hispanic residential and business communities are the fastest growing ethnic communities in the US boasting the second highest computer penetration rate and first in online purchases.

Alternet and its subsidiaries offer the most flexible and versatile service offering in the market today. Mobile based transactions that range from Money Remittance, Micro Payments, and Micro Finance and Mobile Banking systems Urban mass transportation prepaid fare collection systems, fuel management, fleet management and integrated bus financing. Education and Health content solutions providing online, centralized and effective management of digital resources. Subscription based prepaid international and domestic VoIP long distance services. Outsourced Voice over IP billing and back office solutions for carriers and large corporations. Hosted prepaid solutions for distributors and affinity groups, stored value products and money transfer partnerships.