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April 1st, 2008

Alternet Systems expands its business into the Urban Mass Transportation, Prepaid Fare-Collection business with Chinese Technology Partner

Alternet Systems Inc. - (NASD OTCBB: ALYI ), announces that it has entered into a partnership with Tianjin IC Card Public Network Systems Co LTD. (TCPS). TCPS is the leading provider in China of technology for urban mass-transportation: prepaid fare-collection systems; fleet management; security and monitoring of buses; asset management; and the integration with fuel dispensing technology.

The TCPS technology helps replace the use of cash to pay for the use of urban public transportation, with cards based on “contactless” technology similar to the one used to open doors in buildings. These cards store prepaid value that can be used to pay the transportation fare in a city bus or taxi.

The same technology can be used by a utility company to enable it’s customers to prepay for utilities such as: water; natural gas; or electricity; by enabling the metering system to read the stored value in the card.
The new company will be a combined entity, formed by both TCPS and Alternet Systems. Mr. Henryk Dabrowski, Chairman and President of Alternet, will hold a permanent position in the Board of Directors. It will provide a managed platform for the prepayment of urban mass transportation systems and public utilities, based on a comprehensive fixed and mobile-based, point-of-sale processing service, as well as state-of-the-art software for settlement with municipalities, bus companies, utilities and banks.

Alternet will provide business development, management and technology consulting and the regional distribution network to collect the payments. TCPS will provide its technology, operational experience and financing resources. The new company will be based in Miami, Florida.
The markets served will include North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, with immediate opportunities in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Guatemala, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic and Panama. The target clients are: governments; public utility companies, and banks in these regions.

“We are executing on the new vision of the company, by expanding into the transactional arena. We see ourselves as a key regional partner in the electronic collection management of urban mass transportation, and the prepayment of all types of utilities. We will also expand into the hosting and management of mobile transactional applications, serving second and third-tier mobile carriers, corporations and distribution networks. We are very proud to partner with TCPS and are enthusiastic about the immediate opportunities we are pursuing, it is an honor to participate with such a strong and experienced company and its visionary management team.” said Mr. Henryk Dabrowski, President of Alternet Systems, Inc

“We are very pleased with our partners. They have demonstrated their very strong business networking contacts in the region and have the necessary skills to deploy these complex systems. We expect to win immediate opportunities and are very advanced in multiple opportunities. TCPS is excited by the opportunities and is totally committed to its success in the Americas and the Caribbean. It is my personal goal to position the new company as the leader in the market” said Mr. Yanbin Wang, Chief Operating Officer of Tianjin IC Card Public Network Systems Co. LTD.

About Tianjin IC Card Public Network system CO. LTD:

Tianjin IC Card Public Network system CO. LTD (TCPS) is a high-tech company specialized in the research & development and production of contactless IC card application system and financial payment terminals. We also attach a great importance to the integration of network systems, the exploration of application software as well as the investment and operation of contactless IC card payment systems. The company has its headquarters in Tianjin, in the Peoples Republic of China. (

About Alternet Systems:

Alternet Systems Inc. ( OTCBB: ALYI ) provides: telecommunications services; education and health-care application software and systems; and electronic transaction platforms for the mass transportation and utility markets. Alternet Systems Inc. is a U.S. corporation with offices in Miami, Florida and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
For further information about this news release or the Company, contact: Patrick Fitzsimmons (866-608-2540) or visit Alternet's corporate website at

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Patrick Fitzsimmons, Director

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