Fast Access

The innovative SchoolWeb system uses a sophisticated caching server for ultra fast access (even with a low speed telecom line) to previously stored, or cached, websites.

SchoolWeb Librarian

A dedicated and efficient search engine, the SchoolWeb Librarian makes finding the desired information from the Internet simple and easy for users of all ages.



Video Server

SchoolWeb includes a multi-user Streaming Video Server that utilizes the cache system to store and deliver high quality streaming video throughout the school network.

Equal Access

Education administrators have a mandate to provide equal opportunity to a quality education for all students. Whether in urban or rural settings, SchoolWeb delivers fast internet access to enrich the learning experience, at a very affordable cost.



SchoolWeb features:

Linux Operating System

Network Security

Roaming E-mail Server

Windows NT File Server

High-Speed Web Server

Automatic On-line Backup

Redundant On-line System

Automatic Power Failure

Network Services

Remote Monitoring

Content Filtering