The SchoolWeb server is loaded with features:

Linux Operating System
The leading supplier of Web Server operating systems, Linux is a powerful and reliable network system.

Network Security
The server can act as a local firewall/filter or can function behind an external school system firewall/filter. This prevents unauthorized external access to PC users connected to the network, while the filter mechanism prohibits student access to undesirable websites.


Roaming Email Server
The server provides a unique email address for each student which securely follows that student wherever he/she logs on, whether externally or internally.

NT/Appletalk File Server
Students can use any computer on the LAN to access his/her private and public folders on the server.



Website Hosting
The server provides both studentsand teachers the ability to host and maintain their own website projects.

Automatic Online Back-up
A complete backup of all files is automatically performed each night on the server. The backup is read-only (it can't be changed) and is available on-line at all times. If a file is destroyed it can be restored from the night before.

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