How SchoolWeb Works

A SOPHISTICATED CACHING SERVER at each school provides storage, enabling fast access to revisited sites.

HIGH SPEED TELECOM IS UNNECESSARY, as SchoolWeb uses a low speed line, allowing it great flexibility in location. High speed downloading is accomplished through a satellite dish and / or cable.

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Complete System

Each SchoolWeb system includes a powerful network server with large storage capability, redundant file systems, uninterruptable power supply, and, if required, a small satellite dish. Click here for a diagram of how school web works within the school.

SchoolWeb uses a Linux operating system, and includes email, streaming multimedia, and broadcast caching as well as the powerful
SchoolWeb Librarian search engine.


SchoolWeb can be managed and monitored by teachers at each school using SchoolWeb Management Software. This client interface provides great flexiblity for teachers who wish to pre-request websites the previous day, or minutes before the class commences.

School administrators can also freely access saved data that monitors web traffic and provides performance reports.