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May 10, 2007

Alternet Systems /TekVoice Comunications Merger Update

Alternet Systems Inc. ( NASD OTCBB: ASYI ) is currently conducting final due diligence and anticipates closing the merger with TekVoice Communications, Inc. in the second quarter of 2007. TekVoice is a telecommunications services company based in Miami Florida, with operations in North and South America.

The combined entity will be called Alternet Systems Inc. and its primary business will be to acquire or build wireless broadband networks in countries in Latin America, delivering the “triple play” of voice, data and video services to government, businesses, schools, healthcare facilities and residents.

Alternet will utilize the technology and core competencies of the combined companies to provide a complete wireless broadband, telecom and content services solution throughout the region.

Alternet’s cost-effective, wireless broadband solution has explosive growth potential because it meets the rapidly increasing demand for voice, data and video services in Latin America, where a majority of the population has limited access to broadband or phone service due to the lack of traditional “wired” telecom networks in these areas.

Network Services and Solutions

Core services include:

- Alternet Broadband – High-speed Internet access utilizing state of the art WiFi and WiMax technology.
- Alternet Telecom – Cost-effective fixed or mobile telephone service for government, business and residential communities, delivered over the Company’s wireless networks.
- Alternet Education and Healthcare - Alternet-developed software enabling remote areas to have modern, Internet-based education and healthcare software and content available through the Company’s wireless broadband networks.

“Providing affordable telecom service and broadband Internet access is a key component of raising the living standards in developing countries. The other major component is providing schools and health-care facilities with access to modern Internet-based software tools, to bring them level with developed countries.” said Patrick Fitzsimmons, President of Alternet. “Combining Alternet with TekVoice is the ideal strategy to achieve our goal of offering a complete wireless telecommunications solution for this growing market.”

About Alternet Systems Inc.

Alternet Systems Inc. has developed state-of-the-art application and network software for broadband systems in rural communities and health and educational institutions. Alternet’s application and network server software operates at the center of a broadband wireless Internet system, positioning the Company to capitalize on the rapid growth of wireless Internet networks.

About TekVoice Communications Inc.

TekVoice Communications, Inc. is a Voice over IP telecommunications company that since 2002, offers convergent voice and data services over IP networks. As a pioneer in the VoIP telecom industry, TekVoice has been at the leading edge in the design and deployment of new products and services in IP-based telecom for the corporate and residential markets. TekVoice Communications, Inc. is a U.S. corporation with offices in Miami, Dallas, Caracas, Venezuela and Lima, Peru.

Contact: 866-608-2540 or visit the corporate website at

On Behalf of the Board of Directors

Griffin Jones

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Source: Alternet Systems Inc.

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