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November 21, 2006
Alternet Systems Signs Distribution Agreement with Net-coneX Technologies

Alternet Systems Inc. (NASD OTCBB: ASYI / FWB: EJM), announces an agreement with Net-coneX Technologies Inc., a leading developer of broadband distribution and management products, that will see the Net-coneX patented NetCellerator Line and WARP OSS products utilized in Alternet’s wireless broadband networks, in rural areas in underserved countries.

Net-coneX provides a platform that dramatically reduces the cost of network management. The system simplifies and automates “true control” for Data, VOIP and IP Video through “quality of service (QoS)” functionality. This means the quality of VOIP calls and broadband internet access is vastly improved over traditional network equipment.

“After carefully evaluating our options, we found the Net-coneX platform to be the most cost-effective, complete solution and by far, the easiest to use” said Patrick Fitzsimmons, President of Alternet.

“The combination of Alternet’s wireless networks and proprietary software systems SchoolWeb™ and HealthWeb™, and the Net-coneX IP distribution platform, will significantly improve the way rural education and medical services are delivered in the future” said Kenneth Corey, Vice President Marketing for Net-coneX Technologies.

Approximately two-thirds of the world’s population still has no access to the Internet. Primarily located in developing countries, this translates into more than 3 billion people whose schools, hospitals, homes and businesses that require Internet-based communication services. Alternet Systems Inc. has the premier wireless broadband solution for this market.

About Alternet Systems Inc:

Alternet Systems Inc. (NASD OTC: ASYI) builds state-of-the-art wireless broadband systems, Voice-over-IP, and Television over the Internet (IPTV) for rural communities, and health and educational institutions around the globe. Alternet’s network server software operates at the center of a broadband internet system, positioning the Company to capitalize on the rapid growth of wireless internet networks around the world. By employing a unique wireless broadband design, coupled with innovative, content-based application software for the education and health sectors, Alternet provides telecommunications services on a scale never before available to many locations in the world.

About Net-coneX Technologies Inc.

The Net-coneX system is a highly flexible platform that reduces the cost of completing the last-mile of broadband delivery, to a fraction of traditional costs. This cost reduction includes both the up front cost of hard infrastructure (CAPEX), as well as the ongoing cost of maintenance, provisioning and overall ownership (OPEX).

For more information about Net-coneX Technologies, please contact Kenneth Corey or Michael Hopwood at 604-692-2101, Toll Free at 888-770-9959, or visit the company web site at

For more information on Alternet Systems Inc. contact Griffin Jones (toll free) at 866-608-2540 or visit our website at

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Source: Alternet Systems Inc.

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