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May 31, 2006
SchoolWeb Project – Republic of Guinea

Educational Telecommunications Services (ETS), a division of Alternet Systems Inc. (NASD OTCBB:ASYI ), announces the approval of a SchoolWeb project for the Republic of Guinea, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education. The multi-phase project will lead to a country wide deployment in the primary and secondary schools of Guinea. The system employs a unique wireless broadband design, coupled with innovative and highly desirable content-based services.

Guinea is strategically one of the most dynamic markets in Sub-Saharan Africa with a population base of over 7 million, with approximately 2 million school children between the age of 5 and 18 who would benefit by improving literacy and their overall work skills.

Alternet Systems sees Guinea as a critical milestone in our long term business goal of providing quality education technology in a country whose economic potential has yet to be achieved. Our goal is to improve family planning and the health and welfare of women and children, providing quality basic education to a larger percentage of Guinean children, with emphasis on girls and rural children, and fostering continued democratic progress through strengthening of civil society.
Alternet Systems is dedicated to teaming with governmental and business leaders of developing nations to provide cost effective broadband Internet access to schools and medical clinics in the most remote areas of their countries.

SchoolWeb is a strategic education technology that creates a user friendly, Internet learning environment for teachers and students. Combining online courseware with a virtual Internet library, SchoolWeb provides all the tools required to create a high-quality learning environment for students and teachers in the digital age.

The SchoolWeb network server system is basically an “ISP-in-a-box” that gives the schools the same capability that would be available through an Internet Service Provider, even though there may not be an ISP for hundreds of kilometres.

Alternet Systems Inc. is an education technology and software provider enabled by a Managed Broadband Wireless Network. By combining educational software with leading edge technology Alternet provides the Republic of Guinea the ability to deploy a self sustaining architecture and continually support new educational content.

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Michael Dearden

Michael Dearden

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