Far surpassing any competitive alternative, 1nterLink provides the speed and superior functionality that makes the Internet an effective
community resource.

Comprehensive internet access services to remote communities typically require five servers, each assigned to specific tasks. Through technological innovation, one single 1nterLink HP Server can perform all the necessary tasks, and more.

1nterLink is a turnkey solution - all of the technological infrastructure and hardware is included, installed and remotely monitored. It has never been so easy and so affordable for remote communities to provide high speed internet access to its inhabitants.

The 1nterLink HP Server comes loaded with a powerful suite of features that include a community email server, a high speed web server and the SchoolWeb Librarian, a virtual Internet library.

FEATURES include:

- Linux Operating System
- Network Security
- E-mail Server
- NT/Appletalk File Server
- High-Speed Web Server
- Automatic On-line Backup
- Redundant System
- Power Failure Protection
- Network Services
- Remote Monitoring
- Content Filtering