1nterLink is a sophisticated system that provides remote communities with the ability to deliver fast Internet access to a large amount of users, cost-effectively.

1nterLink comes loaded with a comprehensive suite of features designed to make the Internet an effective educational, business or information resource.

Fast Access Times. The innovative 1nterLink system uses a combination of satellite broadcasting for fast downloading and a sophisticated HP caching server for ultra fast access to previously stored, or cached, websites.

Bridging the Digital Divide. 1nterLink delivers fast access to the Internet, even with a low speed telecom line. High speed connectivity is accomplished through a satellite link, allowing 1nterLink to be used in any geographic location.

Client Services. A complete turnkey solution, the system is installed, configured and tested by 1nterLink personnel to ensure smooth, hassle-free operation from the very beginning. Each 1nterLink system is remotely monitored 24 hours a day.

Case Study. 1nterLink was recently installed in the community of Bella Bella, BC. Click here for a printable case study (PDF).