More features:

Redundant System
Multiple hard drives are provided in the 1nterLink server, so in the unlikely event the primary drive is lost, operations can be resumed on the back-up system.

Power Failure Protection
An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) provides continuous power in the event of a power failure, enabling the server to shut down safely. When power is restored, the server automatically restarts to resume normal operations.

Network Services
File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Network File Server (NFS), Domain Name Server (DNS), and Dynamic Host (DHCP) are provided with the server.

Remote Management
The system is remotely monitored and managed via the Internet 24 hours a day for hardware and software performance.

Content Filtering
Connecting a school to the Internet requires that the users be protected from objectionable or inappropriate content.

To satisfy this need, 1nterLink includes Content Filtering Service for the School, and selected users in the Community. A content filter allows administrators to set and enforce the standard of what is and what is not appropriate material.

The 1nterLink System provides Proxy or "allow only" lists, and URL "Web Blocking", while simultaneously connecting to existing filter services.