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Mobile Commerce / M-Commerce

Alternet enables payments and mobile transactions to be executed, anytime, anywhere and for any amount, with simple and intuitive user experiences, using mobile phones. We offer innovative solutions for Mobile Operators, Financial Institutions and Mass Retail Companies. Sitting at the cross road between the Subscriber, Merchants and Banks, Alternet facilitates low value transactions across mobile networks.

Alternet suite of products is an end-to-end solution for mobile banking. The solution empowers its clients to quickly launch mCommerce services to their customers in developed and emerging markets. It creates a new, convenient communication and transaction channel to end customers, anywhere, anytime. In developed markets, bank account holders appreciate the immediacy and convenience of using their mobile device as their wallet. In emerging markets, mobile money forms the vital missing commercial link between "unbanked" individuals, companies and the societies they live in.

Mobile technology lowers the cost of remittances by removing the need for physical points of presence and by providing a real-time and secure method of transacting and removing some of the dependency on cash. The e-wallet is a complete "standalone" banking solution with a fully functional and secure account which the customer can use to make convenient and secure payments, amongst other things, from their mobile phone.

Mobile Transaction Solutions

Mobile phones are becoming the primary drivers for non communication services like banking. In high growth markets with no financial infrastructure, service providers are providing a transaction platform not just for airtime but also for a variety of Mobile E-Ticketing transactions. These transactions include transferring funds to a friend’s mobile account, withdrawing funds from an account to receiving a remittance from an overseas relative. Increasingly, individuals with Mobile E-Ticketing on their phones can both monitor their finances and purchase anything from taxi services to a candy bar at the corner convenience store.

Alternet offers Mobile E-Ticketing solutions in the form of four major service types consisting of international remittances, airtime reselling, mobile wallet and roaming recharge. In developed markets, bank account holders appreciate the immediacy and convenience of using their mobile device as their wallet. In emerging markets, Mobile E-Ticketing forms the vital missing commercial link between ‘unbanked' individuals, companies and the societies they live in.

Our solutions include mobile based transactions, such as money remittance, micro payments, micro finance and online banking, forming new user based finance networks.

Mobile Transactions Solutions in the Real World

Mobile phone = a POS terminal. A mobile phone can be used to initiate transaction requests and communicate with the appropriate bank to solicit transaction authorization. This is the function of a POS terminal at a retail store: it has a screen and data entry keyboard to capture the user’s transaction details, a card reader to capture stored client information (to confirm his identity and locate his account), and a secure communications link with a bank. A mobile phone can replicate this functionality. If the client is using a virtual card on his phone, the mobile phone-as-POS will be able to read it directly; otherwise, a card reader will need to be attached to the mobile phone.

Mobile phone = a human ATM. A POS is used to pay for goods at the store. If we consider cash and access to your savings as “the good” that customers fetch at the store, then that POS (plus the store’s till) serves the cash collection and distribution function of an automatic teller machine (ATM). Mobile phones can provide that POS-as-ATM functionality.

Mobile phone = an Internet banking terminal.
Internet banking is based on two fundamental customer value drivers: control (instant access to any account detail I need) and convenience (ability to make payments and transfers remotely). It has demonstrated its usefulness, to such an extent that it is now in the channel arsenal of practically all major banks. But its use is limited in many countries by the poor reach of the Internet itself. The mobile phone device and wireless connectivity bring the Internet terminal into the hands of customers.

Mobile phone = a new way for customers to interact with technology.
The technology elements embodied in a phone may not be new, but what is new may be the way customers relate to the technology. Mobile phones are personal devices. The device gives the user a sense of immediacy. It’s not so much about anytime/anywhere, it’s about here and now. It gives them a feeling of possibility, convenience, and control.

Value Proposition of the Offered Solutions


- Flexible, affordable and easy to use, mobile based services for the community
- Easy to manage and understand prepaid subscription based services
- Secure Mobile based financial services for the “unbanked” user
- Safe and cheap money management solutions for the prepayment of mass transportation fare and public utilities


- Low risk money management solutions through the use of prepaid systems
- No technology risks or large investment required
- New revenue streams by the incorporation of the “unbanked” customer and the ability to pay via the mobile phone
- Faster collection and creation of user based retail and distribution networks
- Service and product distribution real time data acquisition and management


- For the financial, utilities, transportation and telecommunications providers, the extension of the life cycle of already deployed techologies and highly secure, cash management, operational procedures
- Multiple sales channel support and payment methods accepted
- Easy to deploy and centrally managed distribution
- Increased control and planning of financial flows by having access to the electronic transaction systems and relevant data

Market Strategy

- Launch partnerships with global companies to leverage on mature, low cost technologies
- Expand channels of distribution of our transactional offerings
- Acquire companies to accelerate market penetration
- Leverage World Wide client base to roll out services into Latin America and the Caribbean
- Expand local partnerships to pursue regional opportunities
- Create cross sell opportunities and expansion in multiple cash based transaction networks
- Promote online mass direct marketing campaigns to establish brand presence, and establishing strong brand equity in our target markets