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About us

Alternet Systems offers a wide range of m-commerce and e-ticketing, services and solutions.

Alternet solutions enable the development of effective and profitable mobile payments and m-commerce eco-systems that include telecom operators, financial and payment processing institutions, public transportation and utilities providers, merchants, distributors and retailers – locally and globally.

With the majority of the population in emerging markets belonging to the "unbanked" sector, mobile banking opens up a major opportunity to deliver financial services to a rapidly growing subscriber base. Penetration of mobile services around the world has increased rapidly, with the subscriber base worldwide growing from just over 11 million mobile phone users in 1990 to over 3 billion in 2008 Growth is particularly impressive in developing economies, where on the other hand, financial services for the poor are still a major issue. This is particularly evident in the lack of affordable and convenient, essential services.

With only 1 billion bank accounts worldwide and close to 4 billion mobile phone subscribers, both mobile network operators and financial institutions recognise the value proposition in offering mobile financial services.