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    Wednesday, 17 March 2010 16:30

    Utiba Americas!

    Mobile Commerce and Transaction Solutions

    Utiba Americas is the result of a joint venture between Alternet and Utiba Pte Ltd, a Singapore company, and leader in mobile financial transactions.  Alternet is a majority shareholder in the venture.

    Utiba Americas has the exclusive rights to market all Utiba products, offered as Software as a Service (SaS), in North, South, and Central America, and the Caribbean.  The company targets mobile operators, financial institutions, money remitters, governments and utilities, and retailers, to name a few.

    M-Commerce Services Include:

    • Mobile Commerce
    • Mobile Banking
    • Top Up (recharge)
    • Person to Person Value Transfer
    • Loyalty and Retention (points)
    • International & Domestic Money Remittance
    • Microfinance and Microloans
    • Mobile Merchant (bill payment/ credit card processing)
    • Mobile Collection Logistics (Mass Consumer Companies)
    • Mobile Recharge of Prepaid Services (Cable TV, Urban Transportation, Municipal Services)


    International Mobile Security

    IMS was founded in 2009, and is majority owned by Alternet Systems.  The company was created to ensure that Alternet could answer security concerns when deploying mobile commerce and transaction services through its subsidiary, Utiba Americas.  IMS promises to exceed this initial expectation and open Alternet to an enormous potential global market.  The global mobile security market alone is expected to surpass $4 billion dollars in 2014, according to an ABI Research study published in January 2010.

    In order to ensure leadership in the digital and mobile security industry, Alternet recruited security industry veteran, Juan Cubides, as CEO of this subsidiary.  Since joining Alternet as the CEO of IMS in February 2010, Mr. Cubides has designed a unique and comprehensive portfolio of digital and mobile security products, for launch in calendar year 2010.

    The IMS service offering will include:

    • Secure SMS
    • Secure, encrypted messaging and voice
    • Mobile geo-positioning
    • Mobile security monitoring and management

    Prospective clients for IMS services can be found around the globe, and are not limited by language or technology.  Target industries for IMS products include:

    • Telecommunications Providers (Mobile, Fixed and Data)
    • Government and Corporations
    • Law Enforcement and Military

    IMS brings an important key component to Alternet’s strategy of enabling secure mobile commerce and payment transactions, and opens an enormous, global, market in secure mobile and digital communications.


    Hosted VOIP IP Billing Provider

    TekVoice was founded in 2002 and is a mature company with 8+ years of experience, and is operationally and fiscally sound.

    TekVoice has extensive experience providing Software as a Service (SaS), such as in the outsourcing of Voice over IP (VOIP) billing and back office solutions for carriers and large corporations.  This wholesale billing and arbitrage experience, and the ability to enable subscription services for third parties (prepaid international and domestic long distance services) will help TekVoice as it evolves into the service and engineering company for all Alternet subsidiaries, a more valuable role for the group.

    Alternet’s hosted services and products include integrated multiple online and traditional payment methods and will require the use of a centralized customer care and support center. TekVoice’s experience and infrastructure will be leveraged to provide technical support and operations management to the other subsidiaries of the group.


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