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Written by alter31
Wednesday, 17 March 2010 16:30

Payment Technology Solutions

Alternet delivers technology products to financial organizations requiring solutions that can manage a wide range of payments channels. Alternet provides products and applications development engines, that extend the capabilities of processing across all capture devices (POS, mobile phones, tablets, PCs and web based applications), while delivering channel specific abilities. Alternet Payment Solutions partnerships with leading manufacturers, delivering solutions that meet the needs of device and channel management, now and in the future.

Financial Technology Solutions

Alternet provides digital currency payment solutions, digital payment services and banking solutions. It leverages Alternet’s expertise in the mobile financial services industry, solutions for financial inclusion and cross border payments. Its target markets include government, financial services and banking, on a global scale.

Data Analytics

Alternet revolutionizes how leading organizations optimize data analytics and automate marketing research operations. The company integrated analytics, micro segmentation and marketing automation technology, empowers marketing organizations, to create and develop critical marketing decision matrixes. Our solutions enable a client proprietary market view across diverse data sources. Allow discovery of unique audience and location microsegments, automate data management and generate recommendations at micro level P&L-oriented yield optimization, across products, price and promotion investment.

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